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A Recoll Firefox Extension

This project supports a Firefox extension that provides the capability to include the web pages visited in the Firefox browser in the text search index of the Recoll text search tool. These web pages will then be returned as part of the results of searches performed with Recoll.

Recoll is a desktop text search tool for Linux created by Jean-Francois Dockès. Recoll originally supported the use of a Firefox extension created for the Beagle desktop search engine, taking over and consuming the output of that extension to index web pages visited in Firefox. When support for Beagle ended I took Toa Fei’s original Beagle Firefoxextension and updated it to work with Recoll and the latest Firefox browsers. I also made cosmetic changes to brand the extension as a Recoll-specific extension.


  1. Install the recoll-firefox-extension XPI file by clicking the download button below. Firefox should prompt you to allow the installation of the extension after you click this button. If it does not do so, then simply download the XPI file to your computer and drag-n-drop it on the Add Ons page in Firefox (Tools->Add Ons). You will be required to restart Firefox in order to complete the installation of the Recoll extension.
  2. Add the line “webqueuedir = /home/ME/.recollweb/ToIndex” (no trailing slash, and use beaglequeuedir instead of webqueuedir for Recoll versions 1.18 and earlier) to your recoll.conf file: default location /home/ME/.recoll/recoll.conf. This is the directory where the extension will queue up web page content for indexing and recollindex needs to be told to look there for that. (Note that /home/ME refers to your home directory, whatever that may be. You should use that directory name here.)
  3. This extension provides both a tool bar icon and an add-on status bar icon. You may use one or both of these. The add-on status bar was removed from Firefox starting with version 29. Some users use a Firefox extension to restore the add-on status bar. If you are one of these people, an icon for this extension will appear there after installation.

    If you prefer to use the tool bar icon, you must customize your tool bar and add the icon to it. This is not done automatically.

    These icons both function in the same manner. Hover your mouse over the icon to see a popup tooltip indicating if automatic web page indexing is active or not. If automatic indexing is not active, click the icon to turn it on. Clicking the icon a second time will toggle indexing off. The icons change their appearance to indicate whether automatic indexing is active or not.

    Right clicking the icons provides a menu that allows you to do on-demand indexing of web pages or to adjust the extension's properties. These same options are available from the context menu when you right click in the middle of a web page.


There is no formal support for this code. I will provide "best-effort" support in as far as my real life will allow. I use the discussion forum and the bug tracking system here on SourceForge for these purposes. Please make use of them if you have problems or questions.


This code is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.